Booth reservation of Paper Expo 2016 has begun. If you need to book a stand, 

    please download the application form, fill in your information and then fax or email us.

    You can also call us to get more information.
    Any questions please contact: +86-20-83392687/83300252

    Email to:

  • Paper Expo 2016 Invitation Letter
  • Paper Expo 2016 Floor Plan
  • Paper Expo 2016 Reservation

  • Participation Costs and Packages            

    Option 1: Standard Shell Scheme (Min. 9 ㎡): RMB 8200/9 ㎡
    Note: there is a 10% surcharge of the total fee for corner booths
    Package includes: standard panel, exhibition lintel with company’s English and Chinese name, carpet, 5A/220V power socket (500W), 2 florescent lamps, 2 folding chairs, 1 information counter, 1 trash can

    Option 2: Raw Space (Min.36 ㎡)
    International enterprises: US$200/㎡  Local Enterprises: RMB 850/㎡
    Note: Raw space does not include any facilities, and it shall be no less than 36 ㎡.